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Over Braided Flexible Conduit For Steel Mill Cable Protection                           EMC SHIELDING

To meet the demands of the Mining & Metal industry in general, SEMI offers an extensive range of specialist conduit solutions suitable for demanding wiring applications in these sectors. The range of products protects power and data cables in mining, iron, steel and other metal industries.             Please also see  Offshore Ship Building Applications

Heavy series flex sheath - Over Braided Flexible Conduit
Heavy series flex sheath - Over Braided Flexible Conduit System for protection of industrial electrical cables against water, oil, grease, solvents, and the outer stainless steel wires braiding provides protection against hot metal sparks and slag. Heavy Series
Over braided flexible metal conduit for metal smelting plant electrical cables protection

Over Braided Flexible Conduit is most suitable for steel mill & metal smelting plant cable protection. over braided flexible conduit systems from SEMI offer a choice of a whole range of sizes and constructions to provide the best solution for the most demanding applications.


Connectors with metal clamping ring: All metal construction, most suitable for high temperature wirings. For braided flexible metal conduit and flexible steel conduit.

Connectors with metal clamping ring: all metal construction


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